Heavy Duty Pull & Pry Bar

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Makes Prying & Pulling Floors Easier & Efficient!

I started a DIY laminate flooring project with a standard pull bar from the big box hardware store & quickly realized it wasn’t going to do the job. I ordered this pull bar, and thank God I did. What took me 5-10 slaps to snap in the laminate now only took 2. It is solid, well-made, and crafted not to scratch or dent flooring and cut down my installation time. It is worth it!” - Kurt Allen

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Pull & Pry Bar?

VERSATILE: This bar has specially designed beveled ends that pry into tight spaces on your floor, while the steel block along its body provides a hammer contact point that won’t absorb your strike. It also has a 90-degree steel angle that can help close the gaps between your flooring, making your flooring job much easier and quicker!

STURDY: It is crafted from 1/4 Inch plate steel with a black powder coating for superior durability and long-lasting performance. Its felted bottom can protect your flooring as you strike it into place, and at 17 inches long, you can have the much-needed leverage when tightening tongue-and-groove flooring and closing gaps between laminate and hardwood floors.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this bar work on Laminate Flooring?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can I use this on 5mm thick flooring?

A: Yes, absolutely. Just use a plastic or rubber mallet, not a carpenter's hammer, and light strikes for thin floorings.

Q: Do you hit the mallet on the small metal block to pull?

A: Yes, the block is positioned far enough from the actual angle metal to give enough room to swing a hammer.