72" Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Curb

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Stress-Free Parking in the Garage!

“I was in search of a better solution then just having a hanging yellow ball from my garage ceiling or single tire matt which lasts maybe a year. THIS IS IT! It works so great. It is heavy enough that you dont really need to secure it to the floor. Mine occasionally moves but I just put some masking tape down to know where it should align too and just push it back into place. Great solution, very happy with the parking stopper.” - Michael H.

Why Buy Our 72” Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Curb?

Are you tired of the hassle and worry of parking in tight spaces? Say goodbye to parking headaches with our 72" Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Curb! 

✅ Superior Durability: Constructed from heavy-duty rubber, our parking curb acts as a reliable barrier between your vehicle and potential hazards, ensuring your car stays safe from scrapes and bumps. It can handle up to 44,000 lbs while staying just 10 cm tall. Built to withstand heavy usage and adverse weather conditions.

✅ Enhanced Safety: With its high visibility and clearly marked design, it helps prevent accidents and ensures safe navigation for both drivers and pedestrians. These versatile parking curbs work on asphalt, gravel, concrete, and uneven surfaces, suitable for cars, trucks, buses, vans, trailers, forklifts, and more. Perfect for storage, driveways, warehouses, commercial parking lots, or shopping malls.

Simple Setup: Our parking curb features integrated mount holes for effortless installation, ensuring a quick and easy improvement to your parking experience in any garage or lot.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why can't these be used as speed bumps?
They are not designed for use as a speed bump. They are too tall and not shaped [cross section] for such use.

Q: Can this be used on crushed gravel? How is it mounted?
Yes. To hold them in place we drove re-bar into the ground through the mounting holes.