Heavy Duty Trailer Boat Winch

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Retrieve Your Boat!

Works great!!! More durable than my previous ones. I have it on my boat trailer & I would buy it again! - Jason Stevens

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Trailer Boat Winch?

✅WINCH: Replace your old and rusted boat winch with our Heavy Duty Trailer Boat Winch! It can lift up to 2,000 lbs and you can crank the lever clockwise or counterclockwise with no problem. It even has a neutral position which makes it even easier to retrieve your boat. Easy and straightforward to install and it’s more reliable than improperly repairing your winch.

✅STRAP: This comes with a 20 foot strap that’s ideal for those who go boating in diverse places or to those who want to make sure the winch will work ideally in any situation. With its length you can use it in low tide or high tide situations without any problems. The strap itself can handle 2,000 lbs so you can be rest assured with its quality & strength.

✅DESIGN: This has heavy duty heat-treated high carbon steel for both the brakes and the 4:1 ratio gear. The winch itself is constructed of corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel that can resist water & sun damage. You’ll find yourself using this for years with its high-quality build.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you replace the handle with a cordless drill

A: Yes, though we do not advise you to do so since it’s dangerous.

Q: Can you mount it vertical, like on a 4x4 to pull boats from a pond?

A: No, you can not.