2-In-1 Hood Strut Clamp

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Your Dual Purpose Tool!

"Very handy. Not only is it a lift support but it can be very easy to use on your spark plugs. Just make sure your spark plug is 12mm." -Mark O.

Why Buy Our 2-In-1 Hood Strut Clamp?

✅EASY TO USE: Holds gas-charged lift supports found on hoods, tailgates, hatchbacks, and trunks (Fits up to 0.39" lift rod). The hood strut clamp securely holds weak lift supports in the extended position to allow access to the engine compartment or luggage area. It can also be used as a spark plug caliper for M12(12mm) spark plugs.

✅HEAVY DUTY: Made from a durable aluminum body this hood lift support clip mitigates tool marks on the gas struts while keeping a firm grip. Lift supports struts feature a locking nut to reduce the chance of loosening. Features a colorful flag that serves as a warning ribbon to remove the hood lift support clamp. 

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How to use it as a spark plug caliper?


    1. Screw your spark plug into the bottom of our gap tool.
    2. Use your desired size feeler gauge for gap thickness.
    3. Turn the knob with the feeler gauge in place till the side electrode compresses to the desired gap thickness. 

    Q: Does this fit any spark plugs?

    A: It's for 12mm thread spark plugs.