Hydraulic Log Splitter

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Easily Split Your Logs In Half!

Tired of having to swing that axe over and over? Need something stronger than your usual automatic splitter? Looking to get some physical exercise while splitting logs?

Well say no more, cause this Hydraulic Log Splitter has got you covered!

Why do you need a Hydraulic Log Splitter?

For people who use wood regularly, splitting it into manageable chunks is a necessary but still painstaking process. It takes long hours and a lot of energy into swinging into the wood to get your desired amount.

But with a Hydraulic Log Splitter, you can say goodbye to that! It offers more power than automatic log splitters, but does the task much quicker than traditional wood splitting!

Not to mention you can bring it around to where you need some splitting, AND it doubles as a workout machine! But even if it helps in working out, it’s not hard to use at all! Anyone from kids, teens, adults and even the elderly can easily split logs thanks to a Log Splitter!

Why buy our Hydraulic Log Splitter?

Powerful: The Hydraulic RAM Builds up to 10 Tons of driving force, to easily cut your logs down to size!

Large capacity: Splits logs up to 18 in. Long x 8 in. Wide, and keeps them in place thanks to the Log Cradles!

Efficient:  The RAM return spring allows for quick resets, to get that smooth workflow going!

Durable and Convenient: Steel frame construction with wheels to ensure usage for many seasons to come, while being able to move it where you need it!

Easy to use: No gas, oil, or cords. Just move the Operating Handles back and forth! Even kids and seniors can use it!

Workout Machine: The physical exercise it provides adds a healthy factor to using it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to be physically strong to use this?

A: No, many have experienced using this despite being kids or of elderly age or not physically active. The hydraulic system allows strength applied to the handles to be multiplied many times, resulting in the strong splitting force that this splitter has.

Q: Up to how big are the logs that I can split with this?

A: It is recommended to use this with logs up to 18 in. long x 8 in. wide.

Q: Does it come with hydraulic fluid?

A: Yes! It comes with everything needed, after an easy assembly, to be used right out of the box!

How To Use:

  1. Place the log into the log cradle, make sure that it is stable.

  2. Move the operating handles back and forth to make the ram push the log towards the splitter. Keep pushing until the log is split into the desired result.

  3. Take out the log and reset the piston rod by pulling the Ram Return Spring.

  4. Place new log in the log cradle.


  • Product Dimensions: 41.12 x 8.12 x 11.8 inches

  • Item Weight: 87 pounds

  • Motor: N/A       

  • Splitting Force (max): 10 tons

  • Log Diameter (max): 8 in.        

  • Log Length (max): 18 in.        

  • Hydraulic Capacity: .17 gal

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Hydraulic Log Splitter

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

A Hydraulic Log Splitter splits not just your logs in half, but also your time and effort for chopping those wood chunks! Easy to use no matter the age and powerful too!

No wonder it’s the main choice for many woodworkers and craftsmen everywhere! Get yourself one NOW!