Ice Melter

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Instantly Melt Ice!

"It's super easy to use! Great for sidewalks and, so far, tried it out on the wood front steps as per directions. No apparent damage! It does an excellent job!" - Martin D.

Why Buy Our Ice Melter?

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: This Ice Melter leaves no slimy residue behind, making it safe to use on grass, turf, around trees, and other vegetation. Protects surrounding hardscapes and softscapes when used as directed.

EASY TO USE: Goes to work immediately upon contact with snow and ice to accelerate the deicing and melting process. Pre-treating surfaces will also prevent ice and snow from accumulating.

LONG-LASTING: Long-lasting, time-relaxed formula provides superior traction control. Enhanced with high levels of CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) compared to other environmental ice melt blends. It also delivers fast and effective results without damaging surfaces such as concrete or metals.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this safe on all surfaces?
A: It is safe for use on all surfaces, and will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals, or other vegetation when used as directed. But should not be used on freshly poured concrete that has not had time to cure.

Q: What temperature does this melt to?
A: It is effective below -7.6°F (-22°C).