Ignition Timing Light

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Easily Check Your Engine's Timing!

"Works perfectly for what I needed it for, the light is quite bright too. Just make sure that the arrow is pointing in the direction of the spark plug." - Ethan R.

Why Buy Our Ignition Timing Light?

✅EASY TO USE: Designed to retiming your car's ignition to get the best performance that you can. Suitable for cars, vehicle motorcycles, and all two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline engines. Easily operate on 12V ignition systems. The sensor clip is red and black to distinguish positive and negative poles. It has a sliding clamp-on inductive pick-up, for easy and safe hookup.

✅ERGONOMIC: Ergonomically designed with comfortable press keys, for great press feeling and easy operation. It is made of high-quality materials so it won't be worn easily.

✅EFFICIENT: This is capable of testing the ignition timing scale on the engine flywheel or belt pulley intuitively to adjust appropriately. It is able to detect the automotive knock suppression control system and vacuum advance angle control system and change its advance angle with the speed change.


  • Works on 6-volt electrical systems, using an auxiliary 12-volt battery to power timing light. Connect BLACK clip to negative (-) post and RED clip to positive (+) post on auxiliary 12- volt battery.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use it?


  1. Connect the red clip to the positive terminal of the battery, the black clip to the negative terminal of the battery, and connect the largest clip to the #1 spark plug.
  2. Switch your engine on.
  3. Aim timing light at the crankshaft scale of the pulley and pull the trigger.
  4. Check the timing.

Q: Will this work on Diesel Engines?

A: No. Diesel vehicles do not have spark plugs or distributors, so this timing light will not work on diesel engines.