Indoor Electric Panel Wall Heater

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Heat Up Your Home!

"The unit looks terrific for what it is. The power usage is very low and the slow heat output over time keeps our basement room really warm! - Adrian Dwyer

Why Buy Our Indoor Electric Panel Wall Heater?

✅HEATER: Save on electricity bills with our Indoor Electric Panel Wall Heater! This removes the need for central heating as you can choose to turn this on in a room up to 150 sq. ft. that needs warming up. A lot more efficient and makes you feel warm, not hot with an easy drill & screw installation.

Best installed 6-8 inches off the ground, with this you can expect to spend as little as 4 cents an hour, no excess power usage!

✅DESIGN: It’s a quiet & sleek heater that doesn’t disturb anyone while it’s turned on. It also doesn’t blow allergens or dries out the air while being cool to the touch even while turned on. Can be left running 24/7 with no problems as it has very little moving parts making it long-lasting and practically maintenance free.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How far up the wall from the ceiling can I mount this unit? I have a toddler that likes to climb and plugs up high in the sunroom is what I need. Thanks.

A: This heater is designed to be mounted no more than 6 - 8 inches from your floor or from your baseboard. However, depending on the size of the room, it can be mounted higher up on the wall, but please note that the higher the heater is mounted, the less effective it is, because of the design of natural convection it uses to heat the room.

Q: Will this heat an outdoor shed sufficiently if temperatures are single digit?

A: No, this is designed to heat 150 sq ft, interior, insulated rooms, like bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.