Industrial Multipurpose Scissors

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Cut Fabric, Carpet & More With Ease!

"They required very little effort and did not hurt or strain my hand at all. I used them to cut the flaps off of a cardboard box, and they cut through the cardboard like butter! - Jackson Porter

Why Buy Our Industrial Multipurpose Scissors?

✅CUTS: Cut thick fabric, carpets, or cardboard with ease with our Industrial Multipurpose Scissors! You can avoid using dangerous cutters & knives while having an easier time doing so with its adjustable range & serrated teeth design. It also has an offset angle that makes it more dextrous to use when turning while cutting!

✅DESIGN: Comes in two sizes 8 and 10” which makes it usable for more DIY or heavy-duty applications. It has a stainless steel blade that requires very little maintenance and keeps its sharp edge for a long time.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can it cut?

A: Aluminum sheets (Up to 0.8 mm).Plastic sheets (Up to 1.2 mm).Copper sheets (Up to 0.5 mm).Galvanized/Tin sheets (Up to 0.4 mm). Rubber sheets (Up to 4.0 mm). Leather (Up to 5.0mm). Cotton/Nylon Ropes (Up to Ø10mm). Other Cardboards Fabrics, Cartons, CDs, Card, etc…

For wire cutting - Aluminum/Copper Wires (Up to Ø2.5mm). Iron Wires (Up to 1.5mm)

Q: Would these cut through a rubber gym flooring 1/2 inch thick?

A: Yes but it may not work as well.