Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler

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Effortless Aquatic Maintenance

“ Once assembled, it worked great! The roller worked great at loosening up the weeds and muck but it would also help. To get something to wash away what it breaks up. It’s a great tool.” - R. Langeveld

Why get our Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler?

Efficient: The Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler stirs up pond muck, adding oxygen and speeding up decay. It's designed to remove unwanted plants like algae and seaweed, improving water quality and enhancing recreational activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

Heavy-duty: Designed with hooked teeth made of steel, the Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler digs out pond weeds from the root. It churns leaves, small twigs, and other debris. It is the ultimate underwater tiller, leaving you with a clean, weed-free swimming and beach area.

Versatile: Ideal for ponds, lakes, lagoons, canals, and more. Our Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler is designed for use underwater, near docks, along the shoreline, and on the beach to dress sand. Consistent use will yield the best results and will reduce pond maintenance chores.


Q: Are there any water use restrictions?

A: No, unlike algaecides and herbicides, which carry some chemical use restrictions based on state and local regulations, the Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler is a chemical-free, effective method of controlling pond muck and weeds.

Q: Is the Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler difficult to handle?

A: No, it is very easy to place in the water and roll back and forth. Please keep in mind that the large drum fills with water and takes on water weight, which can require additional muscle power. Be cautious when standing in water and thick muck, as the muck can be slippery and make it challenging to maintain your footing.

Q: Does this work with rocky bottoms?

A: The Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler is most effective on soft sediment, sand, and clay pond and lake floors. It is not recommended for hard surfaces, stone, or rocky bottoms.


  1. Roll the Muck Razer into the water. The head will fill up with water and sink to the bottom.

  2. Push the muck roller drum back and forth across the 'muck' and root-infested area. This action will aerate the sediment -accelerating its breakdown -and dig out roots.

  3. Repeat until you achieve the desired result. De-rooted vegetation will float to the surface and should be removed.

⚙️ Specifications:

  • Color: Color may vary

  • Item Weight: ‎‎‎25 Pounds

  • Product dimensions:  ‎39.37 x 10.63 x 7.48”

  • Material: Drum: PVC, Handle: Aluminum, Teeth: Galvanized Steel

  • Application: Reduce Muck & Eliminate Aquatic Growth

  • Handle length: 12 feet

📦 Package Inclusion

  • 1 x  PVC 6" Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler Roller Drum

  • 2 x End Caps

  • 3 x Piece Aluminum 12' Pole Handle

  • 2 x Curved Aluminum Handles

  • 11 x Galvanized Steel Lake and Pond Rolling Peeler Teeth

  • 3 x Bolts for the Main Handle

  • 3 x Nuts for the Main Handle

  • 2 x Thrust Bearings for the 2 Carriage Bolts

  • 2 x  Nuts for the 2 Carriage Bolts 

  • 2 x Washer for the 2 Carriage Bolts

  • 22 x Hex Screws for the Teeth on the Drum (2 Screws for each tooth)

  • Required Tools (Not Included): 1/4" Wrench for the Teeth, 7/16" Wrench for the Main Handle, and 3/4" Wrench for the Carriage Bolts.