Lawn String Trimmer Handle

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A handle for comfort and efficiency!

 I ordered this trimmer handle on a whim, and I'm so happy I did. Adding this handle to my corded trimmer made a HUGE difference. With this handle installed, my back, shoulders, and forearms all take far less strain after 30-45 minutes of trimming/edging. –Beaker

Why Buy the Lawn String Trimmer Handle? 

✅ Ergonomic GripProvides more leverage, making the trimmer easier to maneuver and lift. Saves your back by allowing you to stand up straight.

✅ MaterialMade of lightweight alloy aluminum which is suitable for both commercial and residential trimmers.

✅ CompatibilityCompatible with 26mm diameter trimmer shafts (requires a rubber washer), and with 28mm diameter trimmer shafts (does not require a rubber washer). Easy to fix using a bracket clamp.

✅ Comfort and Ease of UseHelps in trimming and edging your yard with ease by making mowing more comfortable, preventing you from having to bend over. Essential for trimming lawns, gardens, and farms.



Q: What diameter of string trimmer shaft does this fit?

A: This handle is suitable for 26mm and 28mm diameter handles.

Q: How to use this?


  1. Remove the bolt and the bottom of the vise using the Allen key.

  2. Attach the vise with the Allen wrench to the position you need.

  3. Adjust the built-in clamp if you want to adjust the angle or the height of the handle, then lock it in place.