Leaf Blower Collection System Accessory

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The Perfect Buddy For Your Leaf Vacuum/Blower!

โ€œI got tired of having to stop every few minutes just to empty the bag. Attaching this leaf collection system to my largest garbage bin means I can collect probably 10x as much before having to stop because the container is full.โ€ - Dan M.

Why buy our Leaf Blower Collection System Accessory?

โœ… FITSย MOST BRANDS:ย Designed to fit all major brands, including gas and electric models with its variable fit adapters.

โœ… LONG REACH:ย With an 8-foot hose so you can move around the yard or lawn without dragging the trash bin.

โœ… INNOVATIVE:ย Designed for no-touch, mesh hood that fits most 32-96 gallons of waste containers, no need to empty your bin over and over. Just install the mesh to another container.

๐Ÿ“Frequently Asked Questions

Q:ย Will this work on a rectangular connection?

A:ย Though the adapter is adjustable it can only fit in a circular connection with up to 5 inches in diameter.

Q:ย Will this actually fit on a 96-gallon wheeled toter?

A:ย Yes it will fit the wide majority of trash cans due to the fact that its mesh is not a standard size it can be tightened and loose accordingly.

Q:ย Does this come with the leaf vacuum or do you have to buy it separately?

A:ย No, this is just accessories, leaf vacuum or blower is not included in the package.ย