Magnetic Spark Plug Swivel Socket

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Never Drop Another Spark Plug Again!

"Made removing and installing spark plugs way easier! Got super annoyed with my spark plugs getting stuck so decided to get this socket. And it's my favorite tool right now." - Isaac H.

Why Buy Our Magnetic Spark Plug Swivel Socket?

✅EASY TO USE: Has a magnetic core that effectively retains spark plugs and minimizes damage. Maximum flexibility in a tight area with a smooth 360-degree action. This Magnetic Spark Plug Swivel Socket has a 6-point socket and 3/8 inch drive tang.


✅DURABLE: Made with Hardened and Heat treated Chrome Vanadium alloy steel. This is constructed and designed for Spark Plug removal and installation.


  • Designed for 5/8" Spark Plugs.
  • Has an Identifying Laser-etched size.
  • Ideal to use with manual torque tools.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What cars will this work on?

A: This is designed to fit all 5/8-Inch spark plug shanks.

Q: How long is this?

A: It's 10 inches long.