Magnetic Truck Bed Retrieval Hook

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Retrieve items instantly with this tool

Well built, sturdy, and the best purchase I've made in a long time. Strong magnets allow the tool to stick to the side of my truck bed where it's easy to reach. Extends long enough to reach the farthest corners of the 6 foot truck bed. I have a tonneau cover and the comical sight of me crawling into the bed to reach for something is a thing of the past now. When other pick up truck owners see me using it they immediately ask where I got it.”  - Joe F.


Why buy our Magnetic Truck Bed Retrieval Hook?

Safe: Always a hassle and tricky to get your items at the cargo area or you loaded too much that it takes time to unload? With the Magnetic Truck Bed Retrieval Hook, it ensures a quick and smooth reach despite the weight and distance of the cargo. Avoid injuries when climbing in, out, and from bending.

Portable: This hook is 1', 8" when retracted which is designed for instant access. Say goodbye to trips to the garage or storing bulky hooks in your cab. With magnet mounts and a compact size, this retrieval hook stays within reach when needed and neatly stowed away when not in use.

Sturdy: With its 5 ft working length, the Magnetic Truck Bed Retrieval Hook is extremely heavy duty with its successful stress-test pull of 200+ lbs.

🌟 Where to mount?

  1. Vertical mounting location - Designed for vertical mounting at the tailgate of full-sized truck beds, fitting neatly below bed covers. Keeps the tool accessible yet out of the way.

  2. Under-rail- The adaptable spade offers full 360-degree rotation, enabling mounting directly beneath the side bed rails.

  3. Bed mounting location - This retrieval hook collapses to fit behind the wheel-well of full-sized trucks, staying securely in place with magnet mounts to prevent sliding during travel.

  4. Tailgate-  Another commonly used mounting spot is the truck's tailgate, providing convenient grooves that serve as a natural shelf for this hook to rest on.