Manual Reset Waterproof Circuit Breaker

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Protect an electrical circuit from damage in your vehicle!

“I used this circuit breaker in my auto’s audio system and I haven’t experienced any problem with it so far. I like that it has a manual reset switch, very convenient. It's easy to mount and it comes with wire lugs and washers. It works great for me. I highly recommend this!” - Jared B.

Why Buy Our Manual Reset Waterproof Circuit Breaker?

✅  PROTECTION: This circuit breaker is an electrical safety device that can be used to protect electrical current in a vehicle from damage, prevent excessive current, and prevent surge damage to the ampere, ensuring safe and working electrical connections. 

✅  RESETTABLE: It features a manual reset button and arm for easy resetting of the breaker. 

✅  SAFE: The housing is waterproof for safe use, and the breaker passed the professional electrical performance test and aging test.

✅  EASY TO INSTALL: The breaker is easy to install, you just mount it on a panel or firewall. 

✅  WIDE APPLICATION: It’s compatible with all 12V to 48V systems and it can be used in cars, boats, RVs, and many more! It’s mainly used for car audio systems or battery charges.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I install this? 


  1. You can install the breaker by mounting it on a panel or firewall using the screw holes. 
  2. Use ¼”-28 screws to secure the breaker in place.
  3. Connect the positive pole wire of the battery and the positive pole wire of the electrical device to the breaker.
  4. Then, it’s all set! 

Q: How do I reset the breaker? 

A: If the breaker trips, the reset arm will show, meaning that the breaker is turned off. You can reset the breaker manually by easily pushing the arm back in place, turning it on.

Note: If you want to turn off the breaker manually, push the button. DO NOT pull the arm out as pulling can shorten the product's life.