Manual Wire Stripping Machine

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Save time and boost your wire stripping productivity!

This machine is really handy. I have an actual hand stripper that you squeeze and pull the wire through with your own arm strength but this one is way better. Just put wire in the hole, adjust for the right size and crank or if you have a drill you can connect it and it will go faster. – Juan A.

Why Buy the Manual Wire Stripping Machine? 

✅ Two-operation Wire Stripping: Features an easy-to-handle crank for manual mode and can be replaced with a drill for automatic and easier cranking. The machine is designed for precise stripping, ensuring that the insulation is removed cleanly without damaging the wire itself. 

✅ 3-Feed Hole Plates: Includes an adjustable feed hole, 1 inch feed hole, and a triple feed hole, which offers a variety of options for copper wire sizes from 0.06 to 1 inch.

✅ Sturdy construction and easy to use: This 6.2 lbs wire stripping machine is made of aluminum for a dependable long-term use. The alloy steel, v-shaped blade ensures a clean cut every time. Just select the appropriate plate, feed your copper, and turn the hand crank to start peeling off the wire.


Q: Is the drill attachment included?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the  blades replaceable?

A: Yes.

Q: How to use this?

A: 1. Rotate the knob to easily adjust the blade height.

     2. Feed your insulated wire through the appropriate hole. 

     3. Collect the stripped wire from the rear outlet.