Metal Nut Splitter Cracker

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Remove Fasteners The Easy Way!

"Works great and has the ability to break almost any nut free, to the point of even having to split them into two places to get them off!” - Harley Dawson

Why Buy Our Metal Nut Splitter Cracker?

✅CRACKS: Remove screw caps, hex nuts, or other fasteners without damaging the thread with our Metal Nut Splitter Cracker! It goes over the fastener and you can use a wrench or impact driver to chisel out the fastener with no problem. It can be used with sockets/spanners/wrenches etc.

✅DESIGN: It has 4 pieces sized 9~12mm(#1), 12~16mm(#2), 16~22mm(#3), 22~27mm(#4) that can be used with sockets/spanners/wrenches, etc. Incredibly durable and can handle being used with impact drivers.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size of fasteners can it remove?

A: Here are the range of fasteners it can remove: 9~12mm(#1), 12~16mm(#2), 16~22mm(#3), and 22~27mm(#4).

Q: I need to remove a 25 bolt, will this work?

A: Yes, it can.