Mini Tank Electric Water Heater

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Don't Wait For Hot Water!

"Awesome Mini Water Heater! It's easy to install and you don't have to wait for hot water anymore. Already been using this for a week and no issues! Highly recommended for Home Owners and RV Owners!" - Francis H.

Why Buy Our Mini Tank Electric Water Heater?

✅EASY TO INSTALL: This Mini Water Heater can be wall or floor mounted, placed under the sink or counter, and just plugged into a standard 120V outlet with no special wiring required. It has a nominal current of 12 amps.

✅ADJUSTABLE TEMP: It has a thermostat with 3 temperature level settings that range from 77°F to 140°F with high-temperature limit protection. It also has a freeze mode to prevent the tank from freezing.

✅CONVENIENT: This provides instant hot water for hand washing, dish washing, rinsing, or cooking with fast recovery, reducing standby loss. Ideal under sink instant hot water heater for kitchen, bathroom, salon, bar, garage, basement, RVs, camper, boats, and office.

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does it cycle all the time? Or should I turn it off when I leave for the day?

    A: This Mini Tank Electric Water Heater heats all the time when the water temp is below your setting. Turn it off if you leave for days. As only for the day, this heater heats water fast, and with good insulation, you can turn it off if you want to save some money however not much. But in cold winter, turn it on all the time with an anti-frozen setting.

    Q: Are the tank connections 1/2 npt male or female on the tank?

    A: The water connection ports are male 1/2" NPT.

    Q: Does this have an anode rod that needs to be replaced as part of maintenance? 

    A: Enamel-processed glass-lined tank can significantly reduce the chance of scaling. So this unit has no anode rod inside.