Miter Saw Mobile Workstation

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On-the-Go Workshop Efficiency

“This is a really solid unit. Fit my sliding compound miter saw really well. It does not move when the saw slides back and forth. It really beats the miter stand I use at my company. I would buy this again anytime.” - Paul G.

Why get our Miter Saw Mobile Workstation?

Portable: Can’t find a sturdy area to place your Miter saw? Accomplish tasks anywhere with the Miter Saw Mobile Workstation. This adjustable workstation has wheels that allow you to move it anywhere. The workstation is foldable and easy to adjust for storage or when you’re about to use it.

✅Durable: Unlike any other workstation, this tool can carry up to 500 lbs of materials due to the high-grade steel. Its foldable legs have capped feet preventing damage on whatever surface it would be placed on. The sliding rail creates balance when a Miter Saw goes back and forth while using.

Universal: This item It also has adjustable tool mount brackets and extendable material supports making it flexible for what you need. It also works with most brands of miter saws. The material supports can be adjusted from 35” to 77” to accommodate different lengths of material.

✅Easy to store: The foldable legs with capped feet have quick-release levers for easy setup and take-down while one side features fold-down material storage brackets.


Q: Can you store the unit on end with a miter saw attached?

A: Yes

Q: What's the height of this stand?

A: 30”