Multi-functional Windshield Cover

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Did you know that there is great danger in leaving your windshield unprotected?

Leaving your car’s windshield unprotected from the sunlight can do you and anyone getting inside your car serious harm. 

It has been observed that after leaving the car under the sun after a long time causes it to emit benzene which is a cancerous substance when often inhaled. It happens when you start your car and the dashboard’s plastic and your upholstery’s cover emit benzene. 

That is why it is advisable that when your car has been under the sun for too long, to roll down the windows first and let the car cool before starting it and closing it with AC on. 

Or better yet don’t let the sunlight and heat penetrate your car at all. 

How can you do that? Through Multi-Functional Windshield Cover.

Aside from protecting you from a cancerous substance, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL WINDSHIELD COVER can do so much more for you…


  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made with High-quality Reflective polyester to deflect up to 99% of UV rays from the Sun.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION – This windshield cover has superb protection against sunlight in summer and ice build-up in the winter.
  • SECURE FIT AND EASY TO STORE – Comes with (2) two sucker cup to secure the windshield cover, and it is easy to fold and store it inside your vehicle.
  • COMES WITH SIZE OPTION – The Universal Car Windshield Cover has (2) two different sizes. It comes with Small size approximately 76.77" x 27.56" (195 x 70cm) and Large size approximately 82.67" x 47.25"(210 x 120cm) that fits different kinds of vehicle.
  • THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT - You would expect that a cover like this would be heavy and thick but no. This cover is super lightweight which makes it easier to place and remove.
  • HAS FOLDED EARS - Folded ears enables you to secure it from inside the car so it won’t get blown away.


  • PREVENTS TEMPERATURE FROM RISING INSIDE THE CAR – The premium quality polyester with a silver coating provides great heat deflection that gives a cooler temperature inside the car. Making it easier for the air-conditioner to cool quickly especially if you have a child or children as passengers.
  • LESSENS EMISSION OF CANCEROUS MATTERS - Because high heat can’t penetrate the inside of the car cancerous matter like BENZENE will not show.
  • NO MORE HOT SEATS AND STEERING WHEEL – High-quality and durable sun blocker screen protector to maintain your car interior temperature, so your vehicle's seats stay cool, and without getting your hands burned on the steering wheel.
  • EASY USE AND EASY REMOVAL - Its lightweight-ness makes it easy to place it and remove it just as easy. In fact, you can do it one-hand.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

QuestionDoes it have sizes?
Answer: Yes. There are (2) two sizes available. Small: 76.77" x 27.56" and Large: 74.75" x 47.25".

Question: Which side of this sunshade points outside, silver or black?
Answer: Use the silver side, it has the polyester material to deflect the sunlight.

Question: How to stick it on the windshield?
Answer:  There are (2) two sucker cups that come with the windshield cover, use them on the windshield to fix and hold it in position. Or you can use the folded ears you can stick in between your car doors.

Package Includes:
*a choice of windshield cover between two sizes: small and large.

Protect yourself and your family from seriously harmful situations like high-heat inside your car. If you love yourself and your family you will get one of these for the ultimate protection.