Multipurpose Rope Clamp

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The multi-functioning rope clamp for any job!

Multipurpose Rope Clamp

“I love this! Very convenient. It’s a versatile device that you can use as a hauling gear, and also perfect for other uses, which is what makes this great. I also use this as an ascender. It’s very sturdy yet light and compact.” - Adam R.

Why Buy Our Multipurpose Rope Clamp?

✅  MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This Multipurpose Rope Clamp can be used as a rope clamp, ascender, simple pulley, hauling pulley, and sling adjuster, making it perfect to use for work, repairs, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations, and many more!

✅  HEAVY DUTY: It features a spring-operated cam and a sliding lock, and has a maximum weight capacity of 4 kN or 900 pounds.

Heavy duty

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of ropes is this clamp compatible with?

A: This clamp is compatible for use with EN 892 / EN 1891 ropes with a diameter of 8 ÷ 13 mm, and with webbings/slings with a size of 10 ÷ 16 mm. It is NOT recommended to use this clamp with cables.


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