Oil Filter Drain Tool

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No More Hassle & Messy Oil Change!

“This tool is perfect for Toyota and Toyota-like oil changes. Never mess with those useless plastic drain adapters again. It screws right into the opening, just like the cap. Once secured, you open the valve and drain the oil from the filter housing. Remove and proceed with filter change. Not one drop of oil escapes.” - Charles Jones

Why Buy Our Oil Filter Drain Tool?

CLEAN: This tool makes the oil change process much cleaner & easier by draining the filter housing before removal, preventing oil spills. It allows you to direct the oil into your oil disposal container, helping you cut down on the mess & speeding up the operation. 

VERSATILE: It’s perfect for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 2.0L - 5.7L engines with a cartridge-style oil filter system, making it convenient to perform oil changes on two or more vehicles using just one tool. Simply screw the tool into the drain valve on the oil filter housing, then turn the knurled nut to open it and drain the housing. Once it is drained, it can be removed to replace the filter without the usual mess.

HIGH QUALITY: The 3-piece high-quality brass body is made with durability and ease of use in mind and connects to a 39” long silicone drain hose that can reach your oil drain disposal with no hassle.


  • Please make sure it will fit & is compatible with your vehicle’s drain housing before purchase.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you clean the connection and tube after use?

A: You can wipe it down with a single paper towel or spray with brake cleaner and put the whole thing in a zip-loc bag, paper towel, and all to keep it clean.

Q: Does this drain all the oil from the engine or just from the filter?

A: This tool only drains the oil filter, which you need to do before removing the old oil filter. You still need to remove the drain plug to remove all of the oil.

Q: How does it work?


  1. Remove the 3/8" drive metal plug from the bottom of the oil filter housing to expose the drain valve.
  2. Make sure the knurled nut is backed off all the way (towards the silicone hose)
  3. Thread the oil drain tool into the threaded port that was exposed by removing the plug.
  4. Direct the end of the drain hose into your oil drain pan or container.
  5. Tighten the knurled portion of the tool to open it and start draining.
  6. Once it is drained, just remove the tool and reinstall the metal drain valve plug.