Personal Safety Light Bar

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Be Seen & Safe!

Only second night on duty with it, but so far so good! All around awesome light and bright! - Tyler Matthews

Why Buy Our Personal Safety Light Bar?

✅LIGHT: Avoid accidents with people not seeing you while it’s dark out with our Personal Safety Light Bar! It gives you a full 360-degree coverage that projects an incredibly bright 500 lumens. This alerts anyone in your vicinity of what you’re doing and avoids any potential mishaps that may happen. Great for emergency workers or for safety conscious people!

✅PATTERNS: This is incredibly compact and you can choose to have different light patterns for this light while out doing activities. You can make the front, back or sides light up and in different ways, allowing you to communicate more effectively with people in the vicinity, alerting them of your presence & intent.

✅DESIGN: It comes with a neodymium rare earth magnet mount that makes it incredibly easy to put on your person. With its design you don’t have to worry about exposing it to the elements as it's made of high-quality materials and is even IP68 waterproof. You can even mount it on vehicles if that’s your preference, it’s easy to adjust and match to your situation.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many lumens is it?

A: It is 500 lumens, bright enough to be seen up to 5 miles depending on the conditions.

Q: Can this light be seen in sunlight at noon?

A: Yes, it can be seen in the daytime.