Plastic Welding Repair Kit with FREE 400 Hot Staples

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Do quick plastic repairs like a pro!

Plastic Welding Repair Kit

“This is a powerful and very easy to use plastic welding tool. I used this to fix my car body panel. I love that it comes with a complete kit, it has everything you need for plastic repairs. I’m also impressed with how quickly these staples heat up. It really does the job, makes you save a lot for car repairs.” - Harold T.

Plastic Welding Repair Kit

Why Buy Our Plastic Welding Repair Kit?

✅  MONEY-SAVING: This plastic welding repair kit will help you fix and reinforce broken and cracked plastic parts on your own instead of spending a lot for repairs.

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✅  POWERFUL: The staple gun is equipped with a 100W power motor, making it heat faster than other staple guns. 


✅   MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This plastic welding repair kit can be widely used in repairing plastic car bumpers, car interiors, motorcycles, home equipment, and many other plastic items!


✅   EASY TO USE: The staple gun is easy to use: simply press the button to heat and weld the staples into the plastic. The staple gun features an artificially-designed handle for a comfortable grip, and it has a head light for illumination when working in poorly-lit areas. 

✅   SAFE: The staple gun features overheating protection, where it automatically shuts down when it overheats. The copper tubes in the staple gun also don’t heat up when used, only the hot staples. 

✅   COMPLETE SET: The kit includes everything you need – a staple gun, 400 pieces of hot staples with different styles, and other important tools needed for fast and easy repairing and welding! 

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use this?


  1. Insert the appropriate type of staple into the copper tubes of the staple gun.
  2. Long-press the switch to turn on the staple gun. The light will turn on and it will automatically start heating. 
  3. You’ll know that it’s hot enough once the staple becomes red. Once it does, push it into the plastic or in the part where you want to weld.
  4. Hold it in for at least 3 seconds, or if the staple has completely stuck to the plastic.
  5. Use the included plier to trim the part of the staple that’s sticking out. 
  6. Use the included smoothing tool/sheet to smoothen out the cracks/plastic. 
  7. Then, you’re done!

Q: What are the different types of hot staples for? 


Size chart

(Note: If you’re working with large cracks, it is recommended to use the wave staples. If you’re working with a curved plastic surface, it is recommended to use the M or V shape staples.) 


  • When using for the first time, please control the heating time and strength when applying to avoid the staples getting through the plastic. We recommend practicing a few times before using. 
  • If the staple gun overheats, the protection mechanism will be triggered and the staple gun will turn off automatically. Please wait for the staple gun to return to its normal heat before using again. This will ensure the long-term use of the staple gun.


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