Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

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Grease Free Nuts And Bolts On-The-Go!

Finding it tough to clear grease and grime from engine parts? Having trouble doing restoration because of stubborn dirt and oil that’s stuck? Or maybe you need an emergency cleaner that you can carry on the go?

Then a Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner is just what you’re looking for!

Why do you need a Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner?

Grease and grime can be a pain to remove. It’s time consuming and exhausting having to scrub off all that oil with your hands. It’s tough work.

Good thing Automotive Parts Cleaners can be used to give a steady and powerful stream of water that makes it easier to clear away hardstuck grime on nuts, bolts, gears, screws, bearings, gaskets and more!

But what if you needed an emergency cleaning and there wasn’t a big, heavy automotive parts cleaner nearby? That’s where the Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner comes in!

It gives the same cleaning performance as a standard Automotive Cleaner, but in a convenient and easy to carry package that’s durable and rust resistant!

Why buy our Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner?

✅ Portable: This Automotive Parts Cleaner weighs in at only 15 lbs and doesn’t require a water connection to be used! It’s easy to carry and move around for emergency cleaning anywhere!

✅ Easy to Use: It features a Heavy-Duty grooved handle and  28-Inch Long Tube that you can use to get any tight corner that you can’t normally scrub off! It even comes with a Flow Thru Parts Brush to make cleaning even easier!

✅ Powerful: It puts out a powerful stream of water based solvent via the high flow powerful pump to easily remove stubborn stuck grime!

✅ Sturdy: Features a Powdered Steel Rust And Corrosion Resistant Coating that allows for long term use with water!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of cleaning agents will work with this?

A: Any water based solvent is recommended to be used for this. Using non water based solvents will damage the mechanisms of the Automotive Parts Cleaner.

Q: Can the water flow be adjusted?

A: The water stays at a constant flow rate thanks to the high flow pump and cannot be adjusted


  1. Fill up to 3.5 Gallons of water.

  2. Put in water based solvent for cleaning.

  3. Put in cover over the water tank.

  4. Plug into a nearby power socket and turn on the Automotive Parts Cleaner.

  5. Put Automotive parts under the water flow and use a brush or hand scrub the grease off.

  6. Rinse parts with water after washing with the Automotive Parts Cleaner.

⚠️ Only water - based solvents can be used, otherwise the pump will be damaged


  • Product Dimensions: 16.9 x 13.4 x 8.7 inches

  • Item Weight: 14.3 lbs

  • Amps: 0.23

  • Tank Capacity: 5 Gallon

  • Solvent Capacity: 3-1/2Gallon

  • Pump Capacity: 5-1/4 GPM (19.8L/min)

  • Parts Washer Circulation Flow: 0.71~ 0.87GPM (2.7-3.3 L/min)

  • Electrical Requirement: 110V-120V,60Hz

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner

  • 1 x Flow Thru Parts Brush


An easy to carry, easy to use parts washer to get rid of grime and grease that’s stuck to your nuts and bolts! The Portable Automotive Parts Cleaner makes cleaning easy, quick and convenient!

Get parts that shine like new, get one NOW!