Portable Electric Cement Mixer

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Effortless concrete mixing anywhere

This mixer went to more than a thousand bags of cement without a problem. It sure was worth its price. It made my project very manageable.” - Lauro T.

Why get our Portable Electric Cement Mixer?

✅Efficient: Manual mixing or holding a mixer can be tiring, but this Cement Mixer solves this. The Portable Electric Cement Mixer has a powerful motor with 500 watts, running on 120 volts and 4.3 amps. It can spin as fast as 1680 RPM, while mixing stucco, mortar, or concrete at a steady pace of 24 RPM. It's great for commercial jobs and agricultural tasks like seed inoculation and mixing feed.

Large Capacity: The mixer can hold up to 4.0 Cu.Ft. in its drum and mix up to 2.3 Cu.Ft. at a time, making mixing quick and easy. This has a drum diameter of 15 inches which makes adding dry mix easier.

✅Durable: This mixer is made of a heavy-duty poly drum that doesn't dent, crack, or rust, and is easy to clean. The steel frame is coated with a strong powder finish for extra durability for longer usage.

✅Portable: Equipped with large 10-inch flat-free tires that require no inflation, this electric mixer is easily transportable. Its robust all-steel stand facilitates simple operation and handling.


Q: How many 60 pound concrete bags will it mix efficiently at one time?

A: 2 and possibly more if needed.

Q: How long does it take to mix a full batch of cement?

A: 10 minutes