13-Inch Portable Flooring Cutter

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Lightweight and Portable Cutter

“I used it to trim dozens of laminate flooring pieces during a remodeling project, and it made such a difference compared to other techniques of cutting the material. It makes exact cuts every time and lessens the sawdust.” - Jamie T.

Why Buy Our 13-Inch Portable Flooring Cutter?

CONVENIENT: This is great for the installation of your next vinyl, laminate, or engineered wood flooring. With a weight of 14 lbs, this handy cutter allows you to cut where you work without the use of dust, noise, or electricity.

EFFICIENT: It can cut up to 13" wide, 12mm thick, and Janka hardness of 1200. It features a movable aluminum fence for exact, repeatable 45° cuts, and an integrated handle for easy, single-handed use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the SPC core cut through the flooret modin signature?

A: This LWFS13 can cut all types of SPC and Rigid Core flooring.

Q: Is it necessary to stand on it to make cuts?

A: No, you don't need to stand to cut something.