Portable Tile Saw

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Easily Cut Tiles!

"I'm not a pro and yet this works great and I couldn't believe how easy it was! Worth it for small jobs you have to do around the house." -Owen L.

Why Buy Our Portable Tile Saw?

✅EASY TO USE: This Tile Saw easily cuts ceramic, marble, slate, and stone tile. The hinged cutting table is adjustable for making 22.5 degrees and 45-degree miter cuts. 

✅PORTABLE: It's the ideal saw to have to carry around since it is easy to transport compared to larger tile saws. It is made from plastic to prevent rust and corrosion. Has a dual extension table that adds an extra 5" of cutting surface.


  • ALWAYS keep enough water in the reservoir when operating the saw. DO NOT let the saw run dry. 
  • ALWAYS completely drain the water reservoir and clean thoroughly after each use. To avoid accidents, ALWAYS disconnect the tool from the power source BEFORE cleaning or performing any maintenance.
  •  Use only continuous rim blades with this saw. DO NOT use segmented, “turbo” blades, wood sawing blades, blades with openings, or any other cutting devices with this tile saw. Using these blades could result in serious personal injury and damage to the saw.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


Before using:

  1. Make sure the saw is unplugged. 
  2. Lift the right cutting table and fill the water reservoir to the top of the overflow opening. Do not fill above this level. 
  3. Close the right cutting table.

Installing the Rip Guide:

  1.  Place the Rip Guide on the top of the cutting table and tighten the rip guide knobs on each side until they snap into place. The guide is marked in both inches and centimeters for accurate cutting. A rip guide can be used on either side of the cutting blade.

Installing the Angle Guide:

  1.  For angle cutting, press the angle guide into place on the rip guide. Loosen the knob and set it to the desired angle of cut. Re-tighten the knob and position the tile in the angle guide. Then push towards the blade to cut the tile.

Q: Can this cut crystals for jewelry?

A: This is designed to cut tiles only.