Power Circuit Probe Tester

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Must-Have Circuit Tester Tool!

"Nice circuit tester. Seems to be accurate and it has great features too. Very helpful in diagnosing many problems. It's a valuable tool to have in the garage." - Troy K.

Why Buy Our Power Circuit Probe Tester?

✅SAFE: This has a built-in 8-amp circuit breaker to prevent circuit overload and overheating. Unlike a normal test lamp, this device can conduct direct battery current into the circuit you touch with it. Any time you backfeed a circuit, you need to know what you are doing. The breaker will protect the circuit, but 8 amps is still enough to do a lot of damage with the wrong wire.

✅VERSATILE: A handy tool that can perform a current injection, measurement, ground test, polarity test, continuity test, and component activation. With 4 modes to diagnose the electrical systems(DC voltage, AC voltage, Resistance, and Diode).

✅CONVENIENT: Unlike other circuit testers, this has two power supply methods, it can be powered by a vehicle battery or a cigarette lighter. To use, simply choose the mode by pressing the mode button, and then contact the probe tip to a circuit, the LCD will read the DC/AV voltage, and resistance. 


  • Please slightly push the probe with the plastic sheath into the slot on the top of the tool with a little power after you take it out on the back of the tool. (Don't pull out the metal probe from the plastic sheath.)
  • This is for car usage only.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can this do besides do polarity testing?

A: You can use this to Find The Short Circuits, Find The Bad Ground, Testing Trailer Lights, Check Continuity, Activating Component, Signal Circuiting Testing, and Voltage and Polarity Testing. 

Q: Why can not the probe tip itself stay engaged? It keeps falling out.

A: You need to push it a little harder until you hear a "CLICK" sound, then it will stay engaged.