128 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

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Tool Set For Every DIYer!

"Amazing tool kit. Well made and has everything I need for, not to mention it's better than the previous ones I've had. Also, I like the case!" - Dennis B.

Why Buy Our 128 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set?

COMPLETE SET: Has all the bits and tools you need (Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, Triwing, and more), which can be useful for laptop, PC building, cell phone, tablet, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, game consoles/controller, Ring doorbell, sewing machine, HVAC, knife and more.

DURABLE: Made of CR-V steel, its hardness can reach over HRC62°, resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion. The tip is sturdy, durable, and not easily stripped, ensuring long-time use. 

PORTABLE: Capable of storing all 128 pcs and suitable for one-handed carrying and can be put into the trouser pocket for convenient storage. Also has an ergonomic handle made of aluminum alloy, a built-in magnet on the handle head, it will actively absorb the drive bits, and a super smooth swivel cap allows you to apply constant pressure while rotating.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose or how do I use (what is their purpose) the two slots for negative/positive magnets that are built into the case?

A:  It is used to increase or decrease the magnetism of the screwdriver bit. Increasing the magnetism can make the screwdriver bit and the screw tighter, and reducing the magnetism can make the screwdriver bit completely lose magnetism and avoid affecting some components that will be damaged by magnetism.

Q: How big are the tweezers?

A: It's 4.84 inches.