Privacy Pop Up Tent

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A Bathroom Outdoors!

This tent is awesome! It has lots of room inside, is really stable and sets up pretty fast! - Scott Joyce

Why Buy Our Privacy Pop Up Tent?

✅TENT: Need a way to do your toilet business outdoors in private? Get our Privacy Pop Up Tent! It completely covers you up, with no shadows showing even when lit up! It requires no assembly, simply open it up and it’ll take shape on its own. It gives you a wide & tall space for you to shower, change clothes & even use it as a toilet. Once you’re done you can fold it down flat & store it anywhere in your car.

✅STABLE: You won’t have to worry much about wind with this because it comes with everything you need to keep it stable & secure. It has stakes and guylines for you to set this up in windy locations, keeping it still. It even includes sandbags to keep it even more stable & the fiberglass ribs of this tent keep it from flopping around in the wind.

✅DESIGN: It’s made from high-quality poly-oxford material that makes it incredibly weather resistant. The top cover is removable for you to adjust your ventilation as needed & it comes with pockets for you to put your toiletries & hooks for you to hang your clothes.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this leak proof and can be used indoors?

A: The top cover is made of mesh, so it is not ideal for use indoors.

Q: I am a slim camper going w/ a heavy friend, & I worry my blue spring-up wc pod will feel cramped for him. Do any larger campfolk recommend this one?

A: Our pop up tent is larger than other tents on the market. Our tent size is 4'x4'x7'H, it is spacious and roomy.