Quick Car Scissor Jack Adapter

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Lift Your Vehicles Easily!

"This is a nice piece of hardware that makes using my scissor jack so much easier.” - Matthew Goff

Why Buy Our Quick Car Scissor Jack Adapter?

✅JACK: Stop having to slowly have to twist your jack to lift up your car every time with our Quick Car Scissor Jack! It connects to your jack and has an adapter for your impact driver or drill and you simply need to use it to lift or lower your vehicle in seconds. The internal diameter of the slot of the scissors driving adapter is 1/2In in, and the diameter of the outside of the slot is 13/16 in. making it useful for a variety of tools.

✅DESIGN: There are metal cushions at both ends of the scissors drive adapter. The metal pad can perfectly fit the gap between the screws and the groove, increase the friction, and make it difficult for the screw drive adapter to loosen. The scissors drive adapter will be the jack's perfect replacement part. The scissors adapter of chromium steel can withstand the intensity and is not easy to deform. It is suitable for long-term use and used for most ring or double-hole eye shear jacks on the market.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it work for other jack stands?

A: It works for scissor jacks.

Q: Can I use a drill bit for this?

A: Yes, you can easily insert the standard drill bit into a ½ in. adapter.