Quick Connect RV to Grill Propane Hose

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Achieve effortless RV Grilling

“This hose fits my camper perfectly with the quick disconnect. So easy to install and the cord is long enough to allow the stove to be used on a picnic bench nearby. Seems to fit very thick and high quality fittings also. It can also be used for a heater and anything else that take a little propane can.”  - John B.

Why buy our Quick Connect Quick Connect RV to Grill Propane Hose?

✅ Safe: A propane tank may ignite when it reaches open flame or another ignition source but with this Quick Connect Quick Connect RV to Grill Propane Hose, it’s safe to use due to the high-quality durable rubber hose construction, exceptionally flexibility, and durability. With a length of 12 feet, it ensures your grill can maintain a safe distance from the RV, eliminating worries about grease flare-ups potentially scorching your RV exterior.

Flexible: This hose has offers two connection methods: Method 1 involves replacing the RV regulator with a 1/4'' quick disconnect plug to connect to the low-pressure line and the portable appliance. Method 2 allows direct connection to the grill by removing the 1 lb adapter if the grill features 3/8" female flare nuts

✅Install Easily: With its hand-tightened hand wheel, this Quick Connect Quick Connect RV to Grill Propane Hose offers easy and tool-free installation. Quick connect camping grill on your RV is a breeze, saving you valuable time.


📦Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a tool required to install this hose?

A: No tools are needed.

Q: Does this work with Coleman grilI?

A: It will work with any grill.

🌟 Reminders

  1. Keep your grill away from open flames to prevent potential hose melting and gas leakage due to high temperatures.

  2. This propane quick connect hose is designed for low-pressure systems only; it should not be connected to high-pressure systems.

  3. For grills with two burners, gas flow limitations may be noticeable and could impact usage. It's advisable to use this hose with grills featuring only one burner.

  4. Prior to purchase, verify compatibility with your grill's size. During installation, ensure correct fitting to prevent gas leaks.