Quick Tire Repair Rubber Nail

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Plug It Quick!

“These work awesome. So easy to use. Went in tight but easy. I then filled the tire with air and I was done. - David Proctor

Why Buy Our Quick Tire Repair Rubber Nail?

✅REPAIR: Effortlessly tackle tire punctures with our Quick Tire Repair Rubber Nail! No need to remove the tire from the rim. Just simply screw this rubber nail in and it will seal your tire leak no problems with amazing adhesion & sealing. Even faster than mushroom plugs while also saving you time & money.

✅DESIGN: This is designed for high temperature and wear resistance. Available in two sizes, the smaller screw mends 1mm to 3mm holes, while the larger size fixes 3mm to 5mm punctures—ensuring a perfect fit for various tire damages. Choose the right size for your car or motorcycle tire, effortlessly repairing small or larger nail punctures with ease and reliability.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens to the nails as the tire wears? The nail kit screws seem to have a metal top.

A: This is intended as a temporary and not permanent fix. The punctured tire should be properly repaired or replaced promptly.

Q: Do these plugs require rubber cement on the threads?

A: No, they do not.