Quick Wall Hole Filler

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Fix Your Wall Holes Quick!

"Works great, a little goes a long way, also this would blend in perfectly with true white walls.” - Levi Williamson

Why Buy Our Quick Wall Hole Filler?

✅FILLER: Experience wall repair made easy with our Quick Wall Hole Filler! It’s an All-in-One compound, applicator, and spreader. This versatile solution is perfect for filling holes under 2 inches and mending scratches and other wall imperfections caused by screws and nails. It even has an in-built applicator to spread the plaster with no need for additional tools!

✅DESIGN: It features a resealable top, ensuring you can use it for multiple repairs, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for your DIY needs. Plus, for smaller repairs, say goodbye to the hassle of sanding, as it's not required. Please note that this product is intended for interior use only, making it the ideal choice for maintaining the pristine appearance of your indoor spaces.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to dry?

A:It takes about 24 hours to dry.

Q: Does this product expire?

A: No. Once opened, the product is good for a few years. The date on the package is the manufacture date.