Ratchet Tie Down Straps Set

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"Best onesย I've tried and I'll definitelyย order more.ย Very easyย to use and Iย love the clipsย that keep the hooks locked in place." -ย Louis R.

Why Buy Our Ratchet Tie Down Straps Set?

โœ…SECURE:ย Easily secure your stuff without worrying about damaging tools or vehicle surfaces. made with premium S Hooks that are rubber coated to prevent chipped paint, marks, and dents. Also features an easy-grip ratcheting mechanism that provides excellent control, comfort, and grasp.ย 

โœ…QUICK RELEASE:ย Has a 1" flexible webbing that adapts and locks into place instantly. When ready to unload, pull the black spring-loaded handles for a smooth, speedy release. It's a great choice for Movers, Landscapers, Boaters, Extreme Sport Hobbyists, Camp Enthusiasts, Construction, Tree Removal, and Towing.

โœ…RELIABLE:ย Made of high-quality material and extra stitching for indestructible performance, even when maneuvering loads amidst the harsh wind and excessive motion. It has a load capacity of 733 Lbs per ratchet with an incredible 2,200-Lb break strength.


  • Provides durable, dependable security for transporting a variety of small and large objects including Motorcycle, Canoe, Kayak, ATVs, Boxes, Boats, Furniture, Lawn Equipment, Heavy Machinery & Other Cargo Via Truck Bed, Trailer, or Roof Rack

๐Ÿ“‹Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How thick is the strap?

Answer:ย It's 1 inch thick.

Question: Does the entire length of the strap fit on the ratchet?

Answer:ย No. You need to pull through all the webbing and make sure there is no slack, only after this step does you start ratchetingโ€”raising and lowering the handle. Failure to do so can jam the ratchet.