Ratcheting Cable Cutters

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Make Clean and Easy Cuts!

"Cuts cables with no issues! A really great tool to have. Besides working flawlessly it's better than the cable cutter I used to have!" - Chad N.

Why Buy Our Ratcheting Cable Cutters?

EASY TO USE: Has a quick-release lever that opens the blade at any time during operation. It has a comfortable molded grip for stability and leverage when making cuts.

DURABLE: Perfect for cutting up to 750 kcmil copper and 1000 kcmil aluminum cables. Made with hardened steel blades to ensure consistent cuts and long-term durability.


  • Compatible with both copper and aluminum wire. 
  • NOT for cutting steel or ACSR cable.
  • Maximum cutting capacity is for single conductor wires

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this insulated?

A: No it is not insulated.

Q: Can this cute overhead wire with stainless steel core?

A: This can only cut copper and aluminum wire, not stainless steel.