Receiver Hitch Key Vault

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Turn Your Receiver Hitch to a Vault!

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“This is a great safe! It took me less than 5 seconds to install. I store there my spare car key,  spare house key, and some cash. I like how unnoticeable this is with the cover on, it's almost impossible for anyone to notice it.” - Benedict F.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault

How Convenient Is This?

✅ Durable: It's made of a solid steel vault that's designed to fit in your receiver hitch, the safest place on your vehicle to keep spare keys, credit cards, cash, driver's license, and other valuables.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault

✅ Easy to Install: There are no tools required to install this and it fits into your standard 2" Receiver Hitch on your truck, SUV, van, or trailer and is held in place by two bolt holding bars inside the Receiver Hitch.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault

✅ Secure: This key vault is much preferable compared to magnetic key holders which fall off the first time they are bumped. This inconspicuous key vault keeps your valuables safe at all times.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the hitch cover included?

A: Yes it comes with a rubber dust hitch cover to help you securely hide your valuables.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault Cover

Q: How to use this?

A: To get to your keys, simply open the rubber dust hitch cover (which looks like a regular Hitch Cover) and dial your own four-digit dial combination, which opens the drawer and gives you access to your keys, cards, and other valuables.

Q: Can I easily remove the vault when I need to use the hitch?

A: Yes, simply enter the combination on the safe and press the button to remove it. Pull out pins on both sides of the hitch receiver by sliding inner sliders forward. Pull out the vault and you're ready to tow in just a minute.

Receiver Hitch Key Vault Specifications
Receiver Hitch Key Vault Product Inclusions


    • This is compatible with all other makes and models, including RVs, OEM, and aftermarket hitch receivers.
    • Toyota Tacomas from 2005 onwards and Tundras from 2007 onwards require longer pins.