Rivet Nut Installation Kit

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The Ultimate Rivet Nut Kit!

"I've used a few sizes now and these little tools actually work great. No giant, clunky, hard-to-use plier type too to have to lug around. They also easily stay in alignment, which is harder to do with plier-type tools. - Nathan Padilla

Why Buy Our Rivet Nut Installation Kit?

✅EASY TO USE: The Rivet Nut Installation Kit smoothens out your workflow without having to have access to the backside of the material you’re drilling as you can rivet it on the front side and reverse it and the rivet nut itself will fold into itself, permanently affixing itself to the material.

✅COMES IN A SET: It comes in a drill size range of 7mm to 13mm. It includes an impressive 100 rivet nuts with 10 mandrels. This means there are 10 rivet nuts for each mandrel. It also comes with its own pagoda drill bit attachment and a case.

✅DRILL BIT: The pagoda drill bit attachment makes it extremely easy to know what type of hole to drill for the rivet nut to fit. You don’t need to find another attachment and check its sizes; you only need to look at the pagoda drill bit and stop when it comes to the appropriate size.

✅DURABLE: The material used to make these tools are chromium steel which makes it able to withstand the workload of a professional or those who want to make their own personal project. It is also corrosion resistant which makes the rivet nuts last a long time and you don’t need to replace them, requiring less maintenance.


  • The drilling sizes are 7mm to 13mm.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the nuts hardened steel?

A: The nuts are hardened steel with a grade of 12.9 bolts

Q: How many rivet nuts are there in the kit?

A: There are 100 pieces, 10 for each mandrel.