Rotary Hammer Drill

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The Tool That Delivers Incredible Power!

"Got my DIY project done quicker than I would without it! It's very easy to use and fun too. Comes with an assortment of drills, did I mention it works like a champ? Well, it's awesome and I highly recommend getting yourselves one of these!" - Ivann A.

Why Buy Our Rotary Hammer Drill?

POWERFUL: Has a 13 Amp (1500W) motor that delivers powerful impact energy to complete heavy duty projects on concrete, masonry, and metal. It also has a heat-resistant copper wire motor that allows a long working time without the machine overheating.

3-IN-1: Unlike other Hammer Drills, this has three function modes that can be easily switched which are Drill Mode, Chisel Mode, and Hammer Drill Mode. Compared with single-function switch designs, the double-function switch design can extend service life.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed with a 360° adjustable handle that lets you hold on to the drill in just about any position and has an upgraded double-layer anti-vibration system to decrease the vibration effectively, and reduce fatigue. This provides accurate and convenient strikes in some relatively narrow places.


  • Suitable for wood, masonry, concrete, brick, and metal.
  • Max 1-1/4 inch drilling diameter for concrete and for metal it's 1/2 inch.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the 3 modes?

A: You can change either to,

  1. Chisel Mode: A flat chisel used for cutting or shaping objects like wood, stone, or metal
  2. Hammer drill mode: A powerful rotatory pulsing action used to make holes like a hammer on concrete and robust objects
  3. Drill mode: A fast and powerful rotary action to efficiently drill through solid objects

Q: Can this be used in metal?

A: Yes, it's suitable for wood, masonry, concrete, brick, and metal.