15pcs 1/4 Shank Router Bits Kit

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The heavy-duty router bits kit!

“I’m new to woodworking and I’m working on a DIY project that needs wood shaping, so I needed high-quality router bits for my router. This router bits kit was perfect for the job! It’s sturdy, and strong enough to carve through wood. It made me finish my DIY project in no time. This kit makes me feel like a pro at woodworking! ” - Yohan G.

Why Buy Our Router Bits Kit?

✅  WIDE APPLICATION: This kit includes 15 router bits of different styles for a wide range of woodworking tasks such as wood carving, trimming, and shaping! 

✅  SAFE: The router bits feature 1/4 inch shank that provide greater stability and less vibration during use. It also features an anti-kickback design to ensure safe installation. 

✅  DURABLE: The blade in the router bits are made of YG8 Tungsten Carbide, and its shank is made of solid hardened steel, allowing it to withstand heavy duty use. 

  • The tools are all kept in an included wooden case for easy storage while also keeping the bits protected.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the types of cut/shape these different bits make? 


Q: What kind of wood material can it work with?

A: It works for most common wood materials, such as plywood, oak, or maple.

Note: DO NOT use this to cut ferrous metal and non-wood materials, such as steel, iron, sand, etc.

Q: Will this fit any router? 

A: These bits have a ¼-inch shank so it can only fit routers with ¼-inch collet receivers.

⚙️  Specifications:

    • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.4 x 2 inches
    • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
    • Blade Material: YG8 Tungsten Carbide and Powder Coating Finish
    • Shank Material: Steel
    • Shank Size: ¼ inches
    • Color: Yellow

    📦  Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x Corner Round ⅜ inch
    • 1 x Dovetail Bit ½ inch
    • 1 x  45° Chamfer 1-¼ inch
    • 1 x Panel Pilot Bit ¼ inch
    • 1 x Cove Bit R1/4 inch
    • 1 x Flush Trim ½ inch
    • 1 x Roman Ogee 5/32 inch
    • 1 x Cove Box Bit R1/8 inch
    • 1 x Cove Box Bit R1/4 inch
    • 1 x Straight Bit ⅛ inch
    • 1 x Straight Bit ¼ inch
    • 1 x Straight Bit ½ inch
    • 1 x Straight Bit ⅝ inch
    • 1 x Mortising Bit ½ inch
    • 1x 90° “v” Grooving Belt ½ inch
    • Hardware Installation Kit