RV Fridge Fan

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Spoiled Food No More!

"I love it! It has an on and off switch and a side and bottom air intake! Just the right circulation I need for my RV fridge. Very satisfied with this fan!!" - Colette R.

Why Buy Our RV Fridge Fan?

✅EASY TO USE: It's very easy to use just click on the fan when you want it in use, or off to save battery life. The durable components of this fan ensure it will hold up over time.

✅POWERFUL: This uses a 3,000 RPM motor giving the most power. It also has multiple side vents to maximize air circulation inside your RV refrigerators.

✅CONVENIENT: RV refrigerators are notorious for having bad air circulation since they often don't have a compressor thus lacking airflow that causes cold air to fall and your food to spoil. This will help to circulate that cold air.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with batteries?

A: No. The batteries are not included.

Q: Is the temperature adjustable?

A: No, there are no adjustable temperature settings.