RV Heated Water Hose

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 Get Flowing Water In Winter!

"This product is super easy to install and it worked right out of the box just in time for the winter temperature drop.” - Gavin David

Why Buy Our RV Heated Water Hose?

✅HOSE: Get usable drinking water even in winter up to a temperature of -45˚ F with our RV Heated Water Hose! This is a powerful tool to keep yourself hydrated & safe even in the dead of winter outside in your RV making it possible to enjoy the winterscape in your favorite vehicle. It has insulated hose ends making it better at withstanding spikes in cold weather & the rubber washers prevents water leaks.

✅DESIGN: This  hose ensures you have access to drinking water that's free of plastic & chemicals, thanks to its safe material and standard American fittings. With an extra adapter, it's perfect for use in various settings, from RVs and farms to gardens, campsites, and beyond. The rubber washers and hose clamps prevent any sort of leaking & making it more reliable & less frustrating to use.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit a 5/8” faucet?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: Can it be kept under constant pressure and used as a permanent water supply?

A: Yes, it works fine even under normal conditions.