RV Hose and Cable Caddy

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RV Hose and Cable Caddy for your small spaces

"These are great for water hoses and your power cords. They are exactly as described. Purchased 2 of them. One for the power cords, 2 extensions of 25 feet 30 amps fit easily, including adapters in the middle compartment. Another for 2 water hoses of 25 feet, including adapters, pressure regulator and other accessories. Everything is neatly stored and no dirt on the cables of hoses." - Bruno L.

Why buy a RV Hose and Cable Caddy?

Effective:  The outdoor lifestyle can be limited when it comes to the space of your current home which is your RV or Trailer but with the RV Hose and Cable Caddy, it has a compact design that will help you save space and store your cables or hose with grab holes for easy carry.

Durable: This product is made with high-density polyethylene construction materials making it durable for any length and size of a hole or cable. This item can store various types such as 75' of freshwater hose, 50' of 30A power cord, or 25' of 50A power cord and many more! 

Compact:  Space savers are much needed for anyone living in an RV or Trailer. This caddy is 6.5” tall making it compact and a diameter of 16.75" allowing it to store a variety of sizes and lengths. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it hold unmentioned lengths of hose or cables?

A: Yes! With the 16.75" diameter by 6.5" tall measurements, our customers mentioned that they use this Caddy 3/4" x 75 foot long hose, an RV 30-ft 50-amp power cord and should be able to hold a 100' extension.

Q: Is it sturdy enough to hold a fifth wheel 50-amp cord?

A: Yes! With the high-density polyethylene material used, it is sturdy enough to carry a variety of hose and cables.