RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle

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Open and close doors with this easy to install RV door handle.

"If you have a camper with a screen door, you know that opening and closing them can be a pain because there’s not much to grab onto. This handle is a real game changer. Installation is pretty easy. The beauty of this little grab bar is that it makes opening and closing the door much easier. " - Flou54 


Why get our RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle?

Advantageous:  Of course, a design of an RV or trailer door involves a low handle and steps you have to take before reaching it but with this RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle, you can easily pull/close your door and even open it without having to push directly on the screen door. This is affordable while providing you a sturdy, adjustable, and non-slip handle.

No Hassle: Adding additional tools or installing new parts on your RV might be a hassle due to the space and material but with the RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle, it will just take less than 10 minutes to place with the instructions given and screws provided. 

Universal fit:  The length of the RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle can be adjusted from 21-5/8" to 28-5/8" and is retractable that fits most RVs, Campers, and Trailers!


📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the distance between the screws?

A: 2” between the screws


🌟 How to Install?

  • First, just slide an end piece onto the tube end with two screw holes and do not over tighten.

  • Second, remove the coupler and drill two holes in the cross-bar tube.

  • Next, slide the tube end onto the coupler, mark the location of the holes on the tube.

  • Lastly, just connect the middle part with the end parts, and you’re done.