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Keep your RV cool and ventilated with a vent fan!

Does the air in your RV feel stale and stifling? Ever had nights where you wake up sweaty and sticky from not getting good airflow in your RV? Or do you have a pet with you that you need to keep from overheating?

Well, then what you need is an RV Vent Fan!

Why do you need a RV Vent Fan?

Keeping air flowingย through your motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel or toy camperย can be an issue.ย 

When you aren't hooked up to shore power and can't run your air conditioning, you have one way to move air through your rig. Anย RV Vent Fan.

RV Vent fans help toย keep moisture, smells, and heat out of your vehicle.This is great for pet owners who need to keep their trailers ventilated to keep their pets from overheating.

If your camper roof vent doesnโ€™t come equipped with an RV fan, or it came with a โ€˜stockโ€™ OEM fan,ย do yourself a favor and replace it. A no-name brand, cheap stock RV fan is not powerful enough to pull out moisture.

Replacing it with a more powerful RV bathroom fanย pays off in a big way,ย and hereโ€™s why.


Why buy our RV Vent Fan?

Maintain Airflow:ย With aย 10-speed intakeย youโ€™re sure to get the proper airflow into your RV.

Reversible:ย With a reversible flow option, this fan is essentially aย 2 in 1, ceiling fan AND exhaust fanย pulling fresh air in or pushing stale air out.

Vent Cover:ย Theย Electric Vent Coverย ensures that rain wonโ€™t get into your RV and the two stands keep it from swaying even in the toughest winds.

Thermostat:ย The thermostat ensures that theย temperature is regulated properly.ย Ideal for pet owners!

Remote Control:ย The convenience of an infrared remote lets youย change settings without getting up! Not to mention, it's universal, so one remote can be used for the other Vent Fans if you bought more than one!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What battery does it use and how long can it last?

A:ย You can hook this up to any standard 12V RV/motorcycle battery. It will operate for 8-12 hours depending on how strong the fan is turned on.

Q: How responsive is the remote?

A:ย The remote uses infrared detection for signals, so it must be pointed in line of sight of the RV Vent Fan to properly work.

How to Install


  • Product Dimensions:ย 26 x 21.5 x 16.6 inches

  • Item Weight:16.76 pounds

  • Voltage:ย 12 Volts

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x RV Vent Fan

  • 1 x Remote

  • 1 x RV Roof Trim

  • 1 x RV Roof Bracket

  • Screws for Installation

  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Whether youโ€™re a camper looking for some fresh air, or a pet owner that wants to keep it cool in your trailer, an RV Vent Fan will blow you away! Just like how it did for many RV owners across the country.

Keep cool, breathe fresh and relax with an RV Vent Fan, get oneย NOW!