RV Wireless Vehicle Leveling System

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Leveling Your RV Made Easier!

"A must-have. The most useful feature is it tells you how much height is needed to achieve accurate leveling side to side. Just wonderful! Makes setting up so easy." - Erin S.

Why Buy Our RV Wireless Vehicle Leveling System?

✅EASY TO USE: With a one-time setup procedure that calibrates the device specifically to your RV. These calibrations are saved to the device, not your phone, allowing you to use this leveling system across multiple devices without any needed adjustments. It doesn't matter if you have a travel trailer or a Class B RV, this Leveling System will get you level, wherever you are.

✅BLUETOOTH: This utilizes the latest wireless protocol for simple connectivity and increased range. Easily and wirelessly connect it with your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app displays the needed leveling information.

✅ACCURATE: This features a 3-axis digital accelerometer to accurately estimate angles and high requirements. This device will not only tell you how far off you are, but how to correct it. Each unit is temperature calibrated by hand to ensure that it functions in all different types of climates. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where to mount for best results?

A: The best way to determine an optimal mounting location that will give you a reliable connection from the driver's seat of your tow vehicle is to test any proposed mounting location. Follow the steps below to find a good mounting location.

  1. Install the battery and turn the unit on.
  2. Put a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the unit and stick it to a wall where you are considering mounting it.
  3. Put your tow vehicle a few feet in front of the normal towing position to create a worst-case scenario relative to distance.
  4. Test the connection repeatedly from the driver's set of your tow vehicle. Each connection should be tested for at least 1 minute and you need to allow 15 seconds between the time you close the app and the time you reopen it to connect. This delay will allow the phone time to properly hang up the Bluetooth connection.
  5. Try multiple locations if necessary. Generally speaking, toward the front, high on the wall or in a cabinet, and on the driver's side is a good place to start. You will likely have success from a number of locations so you will have choices. 

Q: Does it have a manual off/on switch?

A: The unit doesn't have an on/off switch. It is triggered by motion to be in a connectable state and automatically changes to a sleep state after no motion is detected for 7 days.