SAE to USB Charger

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Charge Phones and Read Your Voltmeter!

"Simple to hook up. Charges your phone at high speeds while you’re riding and it tells you what voltage your bike battery is at so you know exactly when to replace and charge it, loving this charger!"  -Johnathan D.

Why Buy Our SAE to USB Charger?

✅ LED VOLTMETER DISPLAY: This car charger has a built-in digital LED flash voltage monitor that displays the real-time voltage status of your vehicle’s battery to prevent problems caused by low voltage. The light also makes it quick and easy to find USB ports in the dark or at night.

✅ BROAD COMPATIBILITY: This fits car vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, and other transportation tools. It's fully compatible with all the USB interface electronic products and supports mobile fast charge like iPhone/Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi and all smartphones also support super fast-changing of Huawei.

✅ DUAL QC3.0 USB PORTS: Charges 2 devices simultaneously up to 4 times faster than conventional charging. Car charger adapter provides protection against overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, and short circuit. USB car charger quick charge is only supported by the fast charge devices.


  • Good Battery Shape is anywhere between 12.4 and 12.8 volts.
  • Excessive voltage is above 12.9 volts.
  • Charge your battery if below 12.4 volts.
  • Trickle charge your battery if below 12.2 volts.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I turn it on?

A: There is a switch button beside the USB port. Just press it when you need to use it.

Q: Is it just a charger or a voltmeter?

A: This dual charger can charge your cell phone and test the voltmeter of your vehicle.

Q: How to use it?