Safe Patient Stand Assist

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Transport Patients Easily!

My mom needs consistent lift assistance and is very scared to try new things, for fear of falling. This makes it easier to lift her while being really safe! Thank you! - Julia Kline

Why Buy Our Safe Patient Stand Assist?

✅STAND ASSIST: Increase the safety of moving your advanced aged relatives or patients from place to place with our Safe Patient Stand Assist! This prevents any kind of falls or accidents that may take place in the process of moving & avoiding injuries that would make their health condition worse.

✅VERSATILE: With its design you’ll find it incredibly easy to slip in and out of doors or under beds or even maneuvering through a toilet. This also rolls smoothly in most indoor surfaces such as carpet, tiles & wood floors with its caster wheels. This gives you a lot of maneuverability with your advanced aged relative or patient.

✅DESIGN: Designed to help transfer patients who can stand enough to support 60-70% of their body weight. It has two caster wheels that have an easily accessible lock that keeps the patient safe & rolling off accidentally. Cushioned all around to keep the patient comfortable & durable & rigid which makes it reliable.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is its weight capacity?

A: It has a 400 lbs weight capacity.

Q: Is this usable on carpets?

A: The casters roll smoothly and quietly over indoor surfaces such as carpet, tile, and wood floors.