Safe T-Beam Replacement Kit

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Replace Your Broken Sensors!

My sensors didn't work in full sunlight but this takes the cake! It works properly & even better! Easy installation. - Jason Dudley

Why Buy Our Safe T-Beam Replacement Kit?

✅SENSOR: Make sure your garage opens when it’s bright out with our Safe T-Beam Replacement Kit! This makes your garage door reliable & not have to malfunction on your worst days. Not only does it work when it’s bright and has a better sensor, it automatically reverses when it senses obstruction which prevents accidents!

✅SELF-DIAGNOSIS: It has a self-diagnostic function alerting you of any problems so you don’t have to play the guessing game of figuring out what’s wrong! Depending on what’s on or if it’s blinking, it gives you the clues needed on the possible problem and what to do to fix it! It’s incredibly simple & saves so much headache.

✅DESIGN: This directly replaces your Genie garage door opener’s Safe T-Beam system. It’s a seamless transition that you don’t have to do any rewiring or any complicated business. It works great & has an intuitive design that makes installing it easy.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Only replaces Genie garage door opener’s Safe-T-Beam system
  • Does not include bell wire
  • Not compatible with Genie model 2040/2040L

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it compatible with Model IS900/A or cm8600-X-Large/m?

A: Yes, it’s compatible with both!

Q: Should both sensors be green when working properly

A: No, when they are working correctly when one sensor will be solid red and the other sensor will be solid green.